Mobile marketing inside your business –or– how to find marketing treasures

August 12, 2013   08:36 Category: QR CODES | RESTAURANTS

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes” (Arthur Conan Doyle, "Sherlock Holmes")

We, at Tapto, enjoy working with different markets/niches, and are happy for the opportunity to learn new things about each market.

One of our first questions to businesses is what do they think are their best ad placements.
The answers we got from restaurant owners inspired us to write this post.

After mentioning magazines, billboards, Internet and the like, only few added the most obvious choice, right under their nose – the restaurant itself. It is the best place to encourage return visits from your existing customers.

Here are some examples of how to use mobile marketing to make the most of this underrated ad location – your restaurant.


Flyers and delivery menus

If you make home deliveries, or offer take away meals, you must have produced a printed delivery  / take-away menu that you include in every delivery.

This might encourage customers to order  again. But why not include a mobile coupon to the printed menu with a QR code that will give a  discount for the next order?



Restaurant hostess front desk

Let’s start with a well-known story on why there are mirrors in elevators. The reason starts with  complains of people on the slow speed and long journeys in elevators in New York sky scrapers.  Marketing people suggested putting mirrors in the elevators ……

 We suggest a similar idea for your restaurant. You can offer waiting customers to scan a QR code  placed on the hostess desk and fill a survey, join loyalty club or receive a coupon. This way  customers will not feel they are wasting their time waiting.



Restaurant menu

We can offer an interactive menu rather than a static menu. Ideas can be offering a survey on what other dishes they would like to see in the menu, or get nutrition details on each dish. You can offer a free desert for customers filling the survey to get more people feedback



We encourage you to implement our ideas in your own business and enjoy all the benefits mobile marketing can offer.

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